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It's a dipper dunk!

McCain was for "appeasement" before he was against it

Apparently, Bush was also comparing McCain to Chamberlain (no, not the one in the picture....this Chamberlain -- do you think I'm Kevin James or something?):

Two years ago, in an interview with James Rubin for Sky News, Sen. John McCain expressed a willingness to negotiate with the terrorist group Hamas -- the very group that McCain has been relentlessly using to smear Sen. Barack Obama over the last several weeks.
Rubin has written an op-ed in Friday's Washington Post about his exchange with McCain, and The Huffington Post has obtained exclusive video. Here's the key excerpt:

You appeaser, you! Interesting. I predict the one thing that's NOT going to come out of all of this, however (from either side) is any kind of coherent Middle East policy.