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Meet the new "jumbo shrimp": "Coercive democracy"

Bush has invented a new term

This will be Bush's legacy. He's the man who gave us something called "coercive democracy":

The omnipresent Scott McClellan:

"[C]ertainly those [policies] have tarnished the reputation of the United States in a very negative way. And I think that has been harmful over the long term. But in terms of the coercive democracy, that was -- and you bring up a very good point about the oxymoron there -- but that was always the strategy for going into Iraq in first place. And I think that is what really drove the president's motivation to push ahead and rush into this. When I think that there were probably other options -- there were definitely other options available to him. He didn't have to box himself in. But when he went to the United Nations he said, either he disarms and the U.N. -- if he doesn't, then the U.N. goes in, or the security council authorizes it, or we will do it ourselves."

He also seems to warn, albeit somewhat vaguely, in the interview for people to continue to keep their eyes on Iran. We'll see -- there've been some more of those reports in the foreign press about imminent moves there, because I haven't linked to then because we've been down that road before. I think it's a fact that some people in the White House still do want to bomb bomb bomb Iran, but I don't see them winning out, not when it would make $130 crude oil go to $200 crude oil.

Then you would see this again.