Looks like Joe Biden was only half-right; we may get

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even before Barack Obama even takes the oath of office:

ISLAMABAD — Pakistan has begun moving some troops away from its western border with Afghanistan and has stopped many soldiers from going on leave amid rising tensions with India, Pakistani officials said Friday.

The move is likely to frustrate the United States, which has been pressing Pakistan to battle militants in its lawless northwest territories and working hard to cool tempers in the two nuclear-armed nations following the terrorist attacks last month in Mumbai that left 171 dead.

Sounds like it could be another false alarm -- these two countries have had several in recent years -- and let's hope so. War is always senseless on one level or another, but what anyone would expect to gain in a war involving these two nuclear powers is baffling, other than appeasing various militant factions in their own countries. This story also shows that dealing with weakened Pakistan is a bad situation for our efforts to do anything about al-Qaeda and related terrorism on their Afghan border.

(* Another early 1970s music reference to annoy my non-Baby Boomer readers.)