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Occupying your credit union

One reason why blogging was a little slow earlier this week was that I was laboring to finish this package for the newspaper, which ran on the front page today. For reasons that aren't really that interesting, the final version became more of an "Occupy" story (as is obvious from the front page, above) and less of a "Hey, it might make a lot of sense for you to close your bank account and find a credit union...completely regardless of what you think of Occupy..." story. Oh well.

The bottom line, literally, is this: The money that goes to shareholders and also for outrageous pay-and-benefit perks at megabanks is the money that goes toward better interest rates and lower fees for middle-class members of credit unions. But if you want to support the 1 Percent with your own dollars, there's now a Bank of America or Wells Fargo branch on a corner near you.