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Pay no attention to that...GIANT ICEBERG ATTACKING AUSTRALIA!!!!

Now that Sarah Palin has weighed in with her fact-free, ripped-from-the-Facebook-headlines Washington Post op-ed, I'm convinced that manmade global warming is a hoax and....wait, does anyone else hear the music from "Jaws"...Oh no!

A giant iceberg double the size of Sydney Harbour is on a slow but steady collision course with Australia, scientists have said.

The mammoth chunk of ice, which measures 12 miles long and five miles wide, was spotted floating surprisingly close to the mainland by scientists at the Australian Antarctic Division (ADD).

But this has nothing to do with global warming, right?

Dr Young said sightings of large icebergs could become more frequent if sea temperatures rise through global warming.

But Sarah Palin has told me not to worry -- even though she experienced shrinking glaciers and permafrost in her home state of Alaska. But who are you going to believe -- Sarah Palin's own lyin' eyes, or a killer iceberg zeroing in on Australia?