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Ringing out 2011 with Attytood's song of the year: "MoneyGrabber" by Fitz and the Tantrums

Don't comeback anytime, I've already had your kind
This is your pay back, money grabber

Don't come back anytime, you've already robbed me blind
this is your pay back, money grabber

-- "MoneyGrabber," by Fitz and the Tantrums

OK, technically this incredible blue-eyed soul song of the 21st Century came out in late 2010, but it didn't get much attention until this year, and you can also debate whether it's about a love gone bad or...Goldman Sachs, but I'm going to go with the latter interpretation.

2011 was the year that the 99 Percent put the moneygrabbers on notice, and 2012 is the year that we cast them out. I don't actually know how that will happen in an election between Wall Street darling Mitt Romney and Wall Street darling Barack Obama, but it's a new year and I have an irrational faith that good things are going to happen. I hope you do, too.. and that you have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

See you in 2012 for the end of the we know it.