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Tell me something good: RufusG wins the autographed copy of Rachel Maddow's Drift

OK, even though President Obama insists that he's outlawed torture, I forced myself to read the comments from several weeks ago about the situation in Afghanistan (it was still better than watching the Flyers or Phillies...jeez) and we have a winner, the fantastic RufusG, who wrote:

As for Rachel Maddow and her book Drift I can only hope that she means that the military hasn't drifted so far to the left that we aren't able to defend ourselves. This all volunteer army scares me. We need people to have skin in the game. I'm totally against Bush's idea of a voluntary army. I think citizens should be on the line when it comes to protecting our way of life.

Bingo. How does America manage to stay in a pointless (now, not initially) war for more than a decade? Blame the all-voluntary army. If they were drafting suburban kids and sending them 11,000 miles away to risk their lives for...whatever, you'd see every soccer mom in America driving her mini-van down to D.C. and blockading Pennsylvania Avenue. The war would have ended in 2005, maybe earlier.

So pop me an email, Rufus, and I'll send you the book with all deliberate speed. By the way, I've read about 20 percent of Drift so far (I was struggling to finish this first) and it's spectacular.googleoff: all