Hi, and welcome to the homepage for "Tear Down This Myth: How The Reagan Legacy Has Distorted Our Politics and Haunts Our Future," published in February 2009 by Free Press, an imprint of Simon And Schuster. The book is the first attempt to look at the toxic effect that a mythologized Ronald Ronald -- pushed for more than a decade by neoconservatives to revive their failing political movement -- has had on American politics, and the link between the near canonization of the 40th president and disastrous policies that are drowning America in red ink even as militarism runs rampant and Wall Street runs amok. It seeks to correct the many distortions about Reagan -- to show that his trickle-down economics of tax cuts for the wealthy didn't save the American economy, that he didn't "win the Cold War," and that he was a divisive president whose approval ratings were only average. Booklist says that "[a]nyone interested inAmerica's immediate future should read this book."

The book is available in major bookstores from coast-to-coast, and can be purchased immediately here from Amazon.com.

Other major booksellers offering "Tear Down This Myth" include Barnes and NobleBorders, Powell's, the Tatttered Cover, and many others that are listed here. Many great independent bookstores are selling "Tear Down This Myth" -- please support them by shopping there if and when you can. The outstanding Web site Buzzflash offers a copy of the book to its donors.

The official Simon & Schuster homepage for the book is here.

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Several excerpts of the book have been posted online:

Salon: "How Republicans Created the Myth of Ronald Reagan."

Attytood: "Why Reagan Still Matters."

Here is my recent op-ed for the Los Angeles Times on how Obama can use Reagan's tactics to undo his harmful legacy.

Here's my Q-and-A with Buzzflash.

Earlier publicity for the book has included this Q-and-A with Vanity Fair.com and this radio interview with LiberalOasis. I will continue to update this section as more becomes available.

Finally, here's a video I recorded for Free Press: