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The important story that every Philadelphian should read

I'm getting to this party a little late, but better late than never. There was a great story last week on the cover of the Philadelphia City Paper -- a holiday week when a lot of folks were off or not paying close attention or both. (Yes, this too was written by Daniel Denvir...the dude's on a roll). In addition to the horrible timing, it wasn't about the things that usually get us all whipped up here -- race (well, maybe a little) or sports or sex or...did I mention sports? Still, I'm getting the vibe that the piece threw some of the city's elites into a tizzy, even if the common folk didn't notice it.

It's a story about power in this town -- who has it these days, and how they are using it.

It's a story that every citizen and taxpayer of Philadelphia should read.

And the focus is on Jeremy Nowak, the head of the increasingly influential philanthropy, the William Penn Foundation.

You didn't vote for Mr. Nowak. Nobody did. But the article makes this case that he has more say over the future of Philadelphia schools than any elected official.