Eagles: 7-5-1

Winning percentage: .5769230769230769

Phillies (regular season): 92-70

Winning percentage: .5679012345679

How could this be? Well, for one thing the Eagles have left far fewer runners stranded in scoring position.

Just kidding: Part of it is the level of competition. At 7-5-1, the Eagles have just the 8th best record of the 16 teams in the NFC -- that is, they're barely in the first division, although that will change if the Birds are able to win out. At 92-70, the Phillies had the second-best record in the National League, also with 16 teams. The fewer number of games in football tends to exaggerate win-loss percentages, and so does the existence of the Detroit Lions.

Still, our sports teams make us happy when they win and sad when they lose: By this measure we should feel happier about the Eagles than we did about the Phillies back in September, before we knew how the playoffs would turn out.

Do you?

On the other hand, was there any one member of the Phillies as valuable to the team as Brian Westbrook is to the Eagles?