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There's only one reason why Mumia Abu Jamal should not be executed

Thirty years ago this week, Philadelphia police officer Danny Faulkner was shot and killed during a traffic stop; during the shooting Faulkner fired back and wounded Mumia Abu Jamal, the brother of the man he'd just pulled over. Abu-Jamal was in possession of the gun that had been fired to kill Faulkner, and he was ID'ed as the shooter by witnesses on the scene. It just took three hours for a jury to find he was the man who murdered the young husband of Maureen Faulkner. In the many years since then, no one has presented a compelling case that Abu-Jamal is not a cop killer.

Today, Philadelphia DA Seth Williams decided not to challenge a recent ruling that knocked Abu-Jamal's death sentence down to life in prison.

That was the right thing to do.

Mumia Abu-Jamal should not be executed -- but only for one reason. No one should be executed. The death penalty is immoral. Most civilized nations around the globe have outlawed executions, and so should the United States.

That's pretty much it.