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There's wisdom in them thar hills!

It's the American heartland that's supposed to be wetting its pants over the idea of closing Guantanamo Bay, but somebody forget to get the message out to this senior citizen who's about as heartland as they come, from "Almost Heaven," West Virginia:

The poll found that a wide majority of those who support closing the prison said their views would not change even if detainees were sent to maximum security prisons in the United States.

"It's a bad symbol for our country: Preach one thing and do something else," said Roberta Hall, 73, a Democrat from Barboursville, W.Va. "We can transfer them here. We're good at keeping prisoners. That's what we do best."

It just goes to show there are lot of regular folks out there who are smarter than the manipulative fearmongers in Washington give them credit for. Still, a lot of people apparently are buying into the notion that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will soon be moving in next door to your daughter, as the New York Times/CBS News poll from which Hall's comment is pulled finds public opinion on Gitmo is very divided, even after Obama was elected promising to close the detainee center.

Indeed, conservatives are crowing tonight about the poll and a couple of others showing that Obama's once sky-high approval is easing down as worry about the long-term federal deficit grows. They probably shouldn't crow that much because even if some voters want a different approach on the economy, not very many trust the GOP to be the ones at the helm. The survey found that only 28 percent of voters approved of the Republican Party -- the lowest that number has ever been.