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Who you calling "cowards"?

Interesting local story today about a developer who's been trying to build a "World Trade Center" here in Philly for 20 years, which gives you a good idea of what may happen to some of the wackier ideas that were proposed here during the real estate bubble of the 00's. Still trying to get my arms around this:

With four soaring towers at the foot of Callowhill Street, the gleaming complex would house 13,000 office workers and apartment residents with an investment of $1.1 billion in today's dollars.

But now, two decades after the trade center was proposed in 1989, its New York developers are suing the city and three community groups, alleging that the high-rise vision was razed by a brand of neighborhood parochialism and political cowardice unique to Philadelphia.

First of all, "political cowardice unique to Philadelphia." They don't have political cowardice elsewhere? Ever hear of a place called Washington, D.C., pal? Those are the people who invented political cowardice, and besides, I thought the problem here has always been political audacity. The guy should be thrilled he wasn't asked for $1 million to hire some private security because we wouldn't anything to happen to those pretty blueprints of his.

Beyond that, was it really that outrageous for the city to be concerned about the height of the project? Look at it, compared to the surrounding neighboorhood -- think maybe it's a tad out of scale? As people know here in Philly, a little neighborhood parochialism isn't such a bad thing now and then.