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Why won't the Mets get out of the race?

Phillies update

There was another historic moment last night -- when the Phillies moved 10 games over .500 for the first time this season. The up-and-down pattern of the last five years has been broken, and they're making it look easy. Check out the NL East standings:

The question I have at this point is why the New York Mets are staying in the race. There's just no way they'll be able to make the math work out, and as they continue to trail, their fans will start to disappear and the money will dry up. And yet they continue to talk about staying in this race through September, praying for some kind of unlikely collapse by the Phillies. Maybe they're hoping that someone will offer them the wild card slot.

What do the New York Mets want, aside from more power for themselves?