Welcome to Day Two of the hubub over Gov. Corbett's comments on Radio PA blaming stoners for Pennsylvania's poor job growth.
John Hanger, a candidate for the Demoratic nomination to take Corbett on, argues in a new video released Wednesday that the governor is the one who's fried - "under the influence" of bad GOP economic policies.
“The real reason Pennsylvania has created zero jobs over the last 12 months is because Corbett is under the influence of failed economic policies and Grover Norquist," Hanger, a former state environmental secretary, said.
"He has slashed state funding to schools and communities, refuses to tax gas drillers, strangles the renewable energy industry, fails to fund repairs to our roads and bridges and turns down $4 billion a year for Medicaid expansion that would create 41,000 jobs," Hanger says. "Rather than take responsibility for the failures of his own economic policies, the governor tries to blame the victims – the people out of work – for Pennsylvania’s poor job performance.”