Gov. Corbett had his monthly hourlong radio show Tuesday morning with host Dom Giordano on WPHT 1210 the Big Talker. Some highlights:
Corbett said news reports of protests during his commencement speech at Millersville University over the weekend were exaggerated. "Now there was a large crowd --. 1200 people sitting on the football field in front of us. Some turned their backs. Fine. They were courteous; they didn't disrupt the ceremony for anyone else. That’s why we have the First Amendment, it’s a wonderful tool."
The governor also said he was confident that there would be a liquor privatization bill on his desk by June 30, though he did betray some irritation with the Senate's slow pace.
"Sen. McIlhinney is writing his bill," Corbett said, referring to Republican Chuck McIlhinney of Bucks County. "Do I wish he would hurry up? Yes, I do wish he'd hurry up a little." He said that making beer and wine available in grocery stores would by itself be a huge accomplishment.