Changing his mind over the years to take more conservative positions on abortion, climate change, gay rights and other issues has not – so far, despite grumbling on the right - derailed Mitt Romney’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.
Then he had to go for the full straddle on something really vital: college football loyalties in Michigan, his native state.
“I'm for both Michigan and Michigan State these days,” Romney said Wednesday, according to a tweet from Associated Press Reporter Kasie Hunt.
But, back in May, Romney told an audience in Ann Arbor that he was true Maize-and-Blue: “I have been a Michigan and a Wolverine fan for a long, long time.”
Mark Brewer, chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, couldn’t resist a shot. “Does Mitt Romney stay up at night looking for new ways to flip-flop?” Brewer said.
Maybe Romney is just getting in practice for what would be the first Army-Navy game in his presidency, in 2013. As commander in chief of all the armed forces, the president is neutral in the rivalry and traditionally watches half the game on each team’s side of the field.