You might have expected Christine O'Donnell to be swayed by the eye of Newt.
But no, the tea-party sensation of 2010 who won the GOP nomination for Senate in Delaware (and was known for having "dabbled" in witchcraft, has endorsed Mitt Romney, the party's establishment candidate for president.
"I have traveled the country and had countless conversations with conservative voters, and it is clear to me that many are making misjudgments about Gov. Romney based on misinformation about his record," O'Donnell said in an email to her supporters send out Tuesday night.
She said she trusts Romney to do the right thing, and cited his veto of legislation loosening abortion controls when he was governor of Massachusetts, among other things. Plus, she portrayed him as electable and said it was imporant to keep the primary from dragging on too long, as a lengthy nomination fight gives President Obama "a free pass."