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Gone Fishing

I know it's very sad, but even Post Patterns has to take a little break now and then. The entire staff walked out last week in protest of that item about Donovan and there's no one here to answer the Post Patterns phone or, more importantly, make the Post Patterns coffee.

And, unfortunately, it's hard to get good help these days and the process may take a while. I think it will take exactly a week, in fact, during which time Post Patterns will search the streams and brooks of our fair land, sleeping under the stars, contracting horribly disfiguring skin rashes.

Until then, not saying nothing. If it works for the QB, it works for Post Patterns. Why talk if you can't win no matter what you say? Well, there's the small matter of being a leader and being the public face for a franchise that has made you ungodly wealthy. But those are thoughts for another time.

See you in a week, but watch your back. Post Patterns can't cast accurately.