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Who starts when Rollins sits?

Since Jimmy Rollins made his major league debut, 13 other players have started at shortstop for the Phillies.

Originally posted as "Phillies Blogathon: Hour 47"

Since Jimmy Rollins made his major league debut on Sept. 17, 2000, the Phillies have played 1,796 games. While Rollins has made most of those starts (1599), he has been injured or sat often enough to have 13 different players start the other 197 games there.

Below are all Phillies starting shortstops during the Jimmy Rollins era.

Noteworthy: Tomas Perez is the only major leaguer to play shortstop with Jimmy Rollins. On Aug 5, 2002, in the ninth-inning of a game against the Dodgers, manager Larry Bowa had 2B Perez and SS Rollins switch positions for two batters (Eric Karris and Adrian Beltre). Karros fouled out to third and Beltre reached on a strikeout/wild pitch before Rollins and Perez switched back.