Maybe the Phillies bats weren't as slow-starting as we thought this spring, but they are just lending the Flyers some offense for a while.

On the 11 days that both teams have played this season, the Flyers are outscoring the Phillies, 42-33, which is a lot closer than it was the first nine days the clubs both played (38-25). The Phils are averaging 3.0 runs per game on days when both play, 4.0 runs per game when the Flyers aren't playing.

Here are the 11 dates on which both have played this season, heading into Sunday night:

 Date  Opponent  Result  Opponent    Result 
 April 5  Sabres  W 2-1  at Pirates  W 1-0
 April 7  at Penguins  L  2-4  at Pirates  L  1-2
 April 11  at Penguins  W 4-3 (ot)   Marlins  W 7-1
 April 13  at Penguins    W 8-5  Mets  L  2-5
 April 15  Penguins  W 8-4  Mets  W 8-2
 April 18  Penguins  L  3-10  at Giants  L  0-1
 April 20  at Penguins  L  2-3  at Padres  W 4-1
 April 22  Penguins  W 5-1  at Padres  L  1-6
 April 29    Devils  W 4-3 (ot)  Cubs  L  1-5
 May 1  Devils  L  1-4  at Braves  W 4-2
 May 3  at Devils  L  3-4 (ot)  at Braves  W 4-0