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The Giroux 14 vs. the Kerr 15

A look at two Flyers' high-scoring playoff series.

As the Flyers kick off their second-round series against the Devils Sunday, we take a look at how Claude Giroux's 14-point first-round performance compared to the Flyers' record of 15 set by Tim Kerr in 1989. Their game-by-game totals are below.


♦ Kerr had two of the Flyers' four game-winning goals in the series. Giroux had none, although his tally 32 seconds into Game 6 could have just as well counted as one.

♦ Kerr had points on 15 of the Flyers' 31 goals in the series, Giroux on 14 of 30.

♦ The two combined for just one goal in the Game 1s, but  ...

♦ They combined for nine points in the Game 2s as each had a hat trick. Kerr squeezed his three goals into an 11:23 span of the first period. Giroux had two in the second period and sealed the deal with an empty-netter.

♦ Each player had a point on the Flyers' first goal of games four times.

♦ Kerr, battling a broken thumb, failed to record a point in the following series as the Flyers managed just eight goals is a six-game loss to the Canadiens.