On Tuesday, shortly after Larry Shenk tweeted out a Happy Birthday to Greg Luzinski — my all-time favorite Phillie — I wondered how close Carlos Ruiz had come to passing him on that list.

Then a couple of other favorites popped into my brain and I realized I could put together a 25-man Boop's All-Time Favorite Phillies team by position. I had 20 guys scribbled on a sheet of paper in 5 minutes and didn't have to think too long to round it out.

No deep criteria, other than players I enjoyed watching (either in person or on tape, film, or grainy highlight reels) or liked the way they carried themselves on and/or off the field. Sure, being good helped, but guys that weren't here long (Coste, Giles) whom I found myself rooting hard for, also made it.

There are probably a handful of players I would have included with more time to think ... But at this point, if I had allowed myself a 26th guy, it would have been Don Money ...

My team:

C: Carlos Ruiz, Chris Coste
1B: Pete Rose, Deron Johnson
2B: Tony Taylor, Dave Cash
SS: Larry Bowa, Jimmy Rollins
3B: Mike Schmidt, Dick Allen
LF: Greg Luzinski, Pat Burrell
CF: Shane Victorino, Richie Ashburn
RF: Glenn Wilson, Jay Johnstone
DH: Ryan Howard, Ollie Brown
RHP (Starter): Dick Ruthven, Joe Blanton
LHP (Starter): Steve Carlton, Jim Kaat
Relievers: Brad Lidge, Ken Giles, Tug McGraw