It sure looks as though Jimmy Rollins will be swinging at the first pitch for another major league baseball club next season. And, if those in the know are right, the Phillies think Freddy Galvis is going to need a full Triple-A season under his belt before he sees the bright lights at the big show.

So, while those covering the Hot Stove leagues bandie about names like Jose Reyes and Rafael Furcal, we thought we'd take a look at how Rollins' 2010-11 numbers compare to the Phillie who mostly filled in for him at short when Rollins missed games those two seasons.

And while the numbers for Wilson Valdez don't quite stack up to those of Rollins over that time, they are probably a lot closer than most people think. Remember, it's not the 2007 MVP Jimmy Rollins we're talking about any more. The numbers are below.

Noteworthy: The Phils had a better record over the last two seasons when Valdez started at shortstop than when Rollins did. Even if you throw out the seven games Rollins started during the eight-game "hangover" this season, his win percentage (.622) is lower ... Rollins has slight edges in the three averages, but none by a whole lot ... Rollins scored more often, about 12 more runs per 700 PA, a direct result of Valdez having a lower on-base percentage ... Although Valdez has had some fielding problems at short (four errors in 91 chances this season), their percentages are fairly close over the two stations and Valdez actually had more chances per nine innings than Jimmy.