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Phillies on the hook

So far this year, the Phillies' offense has made the Marlins' pitching staff look like 1969 Orioles.

The Marlins must be very happy it was the Astros that moved to the American League and not the Phillies.

Miami is 4-4 versus the Phillies and 9-28 against the rest of baseball. And while their offense has been more run productive versus the local nine, it's the Marlins pitching that seems to have become the 1969 Orioles when the Phils are batting.

The Fish has a staff ERA of 2.15 against the Phils this season, and an ERA of 4.40 in all other games. The rest of the league's batters are hitting nearly 50 points higher against them.

Offensively, Miami has scored about one more run a game against the Phils than against other teams ... and four of their seven triples have coming against them. The overall batting average is down vs. Philly, but their slugging percentage is up.

Here are the Marlins 2013 totals (through Monday) in games against the Phillies and against the rest of baseball: