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Single Digits (May 2)

Single Digits (May 2)

A half-dozen quick stats that caught our attention recently ...

♦ We are sure you have heard that this year's Flyers team had seven 20-goal scorers. But did you realize that none of them reached 30. They are are the first Flyers team to ever have that distinction.

♦ The Flyers-Rangers series was the only one of the NHL's first-round matchups that did not go to overtime at least once.

♦ The Flyers scored just one goal in three of their four playoff losses. Since 2005-06, teams that score exactly one goal in a playoff game are 24-223 (.097).

♦ Through games of Thursday, the Phillies' Class A team in Clearwater was 5-21 (.192), by far the worst record of any team in the affiliated minor leagues.

♦ Saturday marks the first time in NBA history that there will be three Game 7s on the same day.

♦ The NHL on Wednesday had three Game 7s on the same day for the first time since Tuesday, April 22, 2003. The Flyers, who lost to the Rangers Wednesday, were involved in one of those Game 7s. They stopped the Maple Leafs, 6-1, to advance ... Unbelievably, Minnesota and Colorado hooked up on both of those historic Game 7 nights, the Wild winning in overtime in each.