Thursday's Sixers' win over the Chicago Bulls means that as a franchise (dating back to the Syracuse Nationals), they have now beaten 12 of their current 14 Eastern Conference opponents in the playoffs at least once. The only East teams that they have failed to knock out of the postseason have been the Miami Heat (0-1) and the Charlotte Bobcats (whom they have never faced).

Only the Detroit Pistons have taken out as many as 13 of the 14 East teams (no Bobcats). The New York Knicks match the Sixers with 12 East scalps (no Orlando Magic, no Charlotte).

The Boston Celtics have only eliminated 11 of the 14 East teams in their history, missing the New Jersey Nets (0-2), Bobcats (0-0) and Toronto Raptors (0-0).

Here are the Sixers and Celtics playoff series records against the franchises currently in the Eastern Conference: