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Three Cheers for Marcus Smith

Three Cheers for Marcus Smith

I thought the staff here at BoopStats would be happy when I woke them Friday morning and told them the Eagles had drafted a guy late in the first round that had thrown for 1,800 yards and 14 touchdowns and ran for another four scores ... but I guess they just weren't as impressed with Marcus Smith's high school stats as I was.

They also weren't impressed that he went up from 211 pounds in 2010 to 255 pounds for the 2011 fall semester at Louisville after being asked to bulk up for defense. But I can understand not being excited about that ... I've done that myself three times already this year.

But there were two things that did get our staff excited about the pick.

The selection of Marcus (a 6-foot-3 linebacker, defensive end, pass-rushing specialist, former quarterback) doubles the number of Smiths on the Eagles' roster, joining Brad, a veteran wide receiver. And that becomes important when we tell you that each of the Eagles' Super Bowl teams had a Smith on it (Charles in 1981; L.J. in 2005).

And the consensus most important thing our staff determined about Marcus Smith?

He's not a fireman.