Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point game was the last of the six he played in his career in Hershey, Pa.

In his first three seasons, the Warriors played there twice a year — once right around Christmas time and once just before the end of the season. They then moved to San Francisco. When he returned to Philadelphia midway through the 1964-65 season to play with the 76ers, they were not playing any of their neutral games in Hershey.

All in all, they should have. The big guy, a 51% career free throw shooter, shot 71% in Hershey. Even if you discount the 28-for-32 in his 100-pointer, we was a 65% FT shooter there.

And, oh yeah, he averaged 57.2 points per game in those games.

Wilt's six games in Hershey: