Keith Olbermann, the fiery ESPN anchor who hosts a weeknight talk show, ripped into Neshaminy High School officials last week, calling school board president Ritchie Webb a "menace to mankind," among other barbs, for asking the school newspaper to lift its self-imposed ban on use of the term "redskin."

During a segment he calls "The World's Worst Person in Sports," Olbermann derided remarks by Webb and principal Rob McGee defending the school's use of the term and arguing that the students' ban would limit freedom of speech.

"President of the school board there everybody!" Olbermann sarcastically bellowed after reading remarks from Webb. "[Webb] is telling his kids they can't protest - not even proactively - they can't protest passively what they have debated and decided is a racist term."

McGee and Webb could not be reached for comment Monday morning.

The other candidates for Olbermann's top (bottom?) honor were a Ugandan soccer fan who lost his house betting on an English Premier Leage game, and a Tennessee high school football coach who apparently vandalized his own school with rival colors to motivate his players.

Olbermann did tell viewers at the beginning of the segment, "don't take it completely seriously, I don't mean it completely literally. We just call them tonight's worst person in the sports world."