A 9-11 prayer service in Moorestown will feature an FBI agent who recently handled the terrorism hoax that abruptly turned around a U.S. Airways plane after its departure from Philly.   

Richard P. Quinn, an assistant special agent in charge, is assigned to national security in the FBI's Philadelphia office.  The Burlco resident was inside the North Tower when it was struck by a plane shortly before another plane destroyed the South Tower.  At that time, he was an investigator and was working at the building in New York.     

Eleven years later, Quinn is still dealing with the aftermath of the terrorist attack.  Last week, he oversaw a probe into a hoax in which an anonymous caller falsely told authorities a passenger was carrying explosives.  That investigation is continuing.  
On Tuesday morning, Quinn will be a guest speaker at a memorial prayer service at Trinity Episcopal Church, 207 W. Main Street, Moorestown.  The service is open to the public. 
It begins at 7:30 a.m. and will also feature bagpipers and other speakers.  The annual memorial service is sponsored by the 200 Club of Burlington County which raises money for the families of fallen or injured police, fire and EMS workers.
For more information, visit www.burlco200club.org.