The news and chatter out of Tuesday's Camden Board of Education meeting was who was laid off.

But given the state's intervention plan, which the board agreed to last month, it was also interesting to see who was reappointed for the 2013-2014 school year.

Three top administrators, whose positions are expected to be abolished by the state once it takes over, were saved by the board. For the next several weeks at least, Andrea Gonzalez-Kirwin, Patricia Kenny and John C. Oberg will remain in their respective administrative positions.

The state intervention plan, filed in March, says that the state Education Commissioner "intends to abolish" deputy superintendent, assistant superintendent for administration and support services (that's Kenny), assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction (that's Kirwin), human resources director (Maryann Greenfield currently holds that position and also reappointed) and business administrator (Oberg has been serving as interim BA for a few months), among other positions.

The state will implement a new organizational structure, according to its intervention plan.

"State intervention doesn't take effect until the end of June," Camden school board attorney Louis Lessig said. "We had to fill those positions."

Interim Superintendent Reuben Mills was also reappointed Tuesday. He will be out of that position once the state comes in, though. The state began its national search for a superintendent last week, said Department of Education spokeswoman Barbara Morgan.

In March, Gov. Christie and state Education Commissioner Chris Cerf came to Camden to announce the state's decision to take over the district, the worst-performing in the state.

The Camden Board of Education, which had the right to appeal the takeover, voted to endorse it, saying it was in the "best interest of the children."

The state Board of Education is expected to give the final approval for the takeover in June. The state would take over by the start of the 2013-2014 school year.