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Expulsions for sexual assault at area colleges

Expulsions for sexual assaults at area colleges

The Inquirer asked area universities how many sexual assault cases their judicial panels have heard in the last five years and how many students were expelled for those offenses.

West Chester: In the last five years, 19 students were found "responsible" for violating the school's sexual misconduct and harassment policy. Two of those cases went before a judicial board. The others were decided by the director of judicial affairs. Eight of those cases involved sexual misconduct ranging from unwanted fondling to penetration. Nine students were placed on disciplinary probation, eight were suspended and two were expelled.

Rowan: Since 2010, the university's board has held 12 hearings, seven for sexual assault and five for fondling. In three of the 12 cases, the accused students were deemed not guilty. Five cases resulted in expulsion. Other sanctions included one-year and two-year suspensions.

Rutgers: Over the last five years, 12 cases went before its board, three of which resulted in expulsion.

University of Pennsylvania: The student disciplinary office reviewed 11 cases for the 2013-14 year and 35 over the preceding five years. Not all cases reviewed by the office go to a disciplinary hearing, the school noted. Penn declined to release the number of students expelled for sexual misconduct.

Swarthmore: From Fall 2009 to Spring 2013, the college's misconduct board heard 104 cases, but those also included academic misconduct, in addition to sexual assault and harassment. There were four expulsions for sexual misconduct, all in 2013.

Bryn Mawr: Two cases went before the judicial panel in the last five years. No students have been expelled in that time.

University of Delaware: In the last five years, 34 cases have gone before a hearing officer. Five students were expelled and a plethora of other sanctions were used including suspensions.

Rosemont: The school reports no hearings or expulsions for sexual assault in the last five years.

Immaculata: The university has had eight sexual assault/harassment reports in the last five years; not all of those cases were necessarily handled by the conduct board and Title IX coordinator. No students have been expelled for sexual assault/harassment in the last five years.

Princeton: In 2013-14, four students were found responsible for sexual misconduct, which can range from rape to harassment to stalking. Of the four, one was expelled, two were suspended, and one was placed on a lengthy disciplinary probation.

Other universities: Temple, Philadelphia University, St. Joseph's, La Salle, Drexel, Haverford, Villanova, Widener and Pennsylvania State University did not provide numbers.