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McGinty disclosure form gets quick correction

WASHINGTON – At first glance, Katie McGinty's financial disclosure makes it look like she was busy this year.

Her form, which the Democratic Senate candidate filed earlier this week, seemed to show that she was a director at the energy firm Iberdrola at the same time as she served as Gov. Wolf's chief-of-staff – but her campaign said that the form is mistaken, and that the two jobs did not overlap.

McGinty resigned from the wind energy and natural gas company Jan. 18, two days before joining the state payroll as Wolf's top aide, said McGinty spokeswoman Sabrina Singh.

That means her time at the firm overlapped with McGinty's run for governor last year and Wolf's transition after the 2014 election, but not her time in public office.

McGinty's initial disclosure filing says she served as a director for Iberdrola Networks from Nov. 2013 to until Nov. 2015, but Singh said the end date was incorrect and a correction was submitted Friday afternoon.

"This is a clerical error that we are working to resolve immediately. Katie has always taken transparency very seriously and this human error will be fixed soon," Singh wrote in an e-mail. She sent the Inquirer a copy of the corrected form sent to the Senate ethics office.

McGinty, who was paid quarterly, made $100,000 from Iberdrola in 2014 and $25,000 in 2015, according to her campaign. Her last payment arrived Jan. 14, four days before her resignation. She left the governor's office in July ahead of launching her Senate bid.

McGinty had been affiliated with Spain-based Iberdrola since 2009, when she became a director at Iberdrola USA, her disclosure shows.

Republicans have attacked her work at the energy firm, accusing her of using the revolving door to help herself and her employer after she led Gov. Rendell's Department of Environmental Protection. McGinty told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette last month that she didn't lobby the Rendell administration on behalf of the firm and was "proud to have served as a board member of Iberdrola" and encouraging investments in clean energy.

McGinty is one of three Democrats running to challenge Sen. Pat Toomey, a Republican, next year.

Also running are former admiral and Congressman Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman.

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