From "incompetent" cosmetology to crimes of moral turpitude, seven Chester County licensed or commissioned professionals were disciplined in November, Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele said today in a news release.

Quincy Teel from A Cut Above Barber Shop in Coatesville was assessed a civil penalty of $500 for failing to have all licenses on display in a prominent place on the premises of the shop; failing to meet minimum maintenance and sanitation standards; operating the shop without a manager-barber or other designated licensee in charge; and failing to meet minimum equipment standards.

Nail Compliments of West Chester was levied a civil penalty of $2,500, based on practicing cosmetology in a grossly incompetent and unethical manner, maintaining a salon to perform esthetician services without having obtained an esthetician license, failing to have all required licenses and permits available on the premises, failing to have wet sterilizer, and failing to maintain tools that came into contact with a client in a sanitary condition at all times.

Melissa Boulay of Phoenixville had her nursing license revoked based on her drug or alcohol dependency, conviction of crimes of moral turpitude, committing fraud or deceit in securing her license and acting in a manner that presents an immediate and clear danger to patients.

Caroline King Sweeney of Strafford was suspended from nursing for at least three years retroactive to April 4, 2011, because she violated an order by which disciplinary action was deferred while she participated in a treatment and monitoring program approved by the Board.

Cecelia M. Grimes of Parkesburg had her real-estate license suspended for two years and was assessed a $1,000 civil penalty based on her guilty plea to a felony.

Stan L. Fisher of West Chester was denied a license based on a criminal conviction.

Gerald Coley of Chester Springs had his vehicle-dealers' license placed on probation for one year because he was convicted of crimes involving moral turpitude.