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City has spent 75% of stimulus funds

The Mayor's Office said the city has already spent or committed to spending 75 percent of some $351 million in Recovery Act grants.

Sensing, perhaps, that we're a bit desperate for local political news of some kind today, the Mayor's Office has released a quarterly update of federal stimulus spending.

Quick refresher: the city was previously awarded 50 grants worth $351 million in Recovery Act funds. The city is responsible for managing the bulk of it, some $276 million. Quasi-city agencies are in charge of the other $75 million.

The Mayor's Office said the city has already committed 75 percent of the money that it is in charge of. So, where's all the dough gone?

The Mayor's Office said the money has been divided between different categories:

*$131.7 million was put towards efforts to grow the local economy and workforce.

*$65.3 million went to improving transportation and infrastructure projects, like repaving streets, replacing sewer system and establishing a trail network between the city and nearby counties.

*$64.1 million worth of grants went to programs to help people in danger of losing their houses to foreclosure; job training courses for older citizens; and other health and wellness programs.

*$57.3 million worth of grants were awarded to sustainability programs, like installing soalr panels at a Water Department facility, replacing traffic signals with LED lights and retrofitting homes and offices.

*$32.6 million went to public safety initiatives, including the hiring of 50 new cops and 56 court staffers.

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