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City Warns Employees that Vacation Plans Could Change if Unions Strike

Managing Director Camille Barnett sent this email to all city employees yesterday. The city has about 866 employees that are not union represented and 2,831 exempt employees who are not unionized. So they may have to cancel their summer plans if union workers hit the pavement.

Here's the note:

The City's labor contracts with its non-uniformed, unionized employees end at midnight, June 30th. While we hope that a strike can be avoided, the possibility of a strike cannot be ruled out at this time. The City of Philadelphia must ensure that, in the event of a work stoppage by either of the municipal unions, vital services continue. It is also important to inform employees how a work stoppage could affect their leave.

With these concerns in mind, please be informed that in the event AFSCME, District Council 33 or AFSCME, District Council 47 calls for a strike vote, all leave may need to be cancelled until further notice. The leave cancellation may occur regardless of whether the leave was previously approved.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause our employees.