One day after Schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman asked City Council and the mayor to provide $75 million to $110 million in additional funding to stave off district budget cuts, there seems to be no consensus on Council over what to do.

Members today said they were sympathetic to the schools' needs, but several said they would not consider raising taxes. The two key options for the city would be raising taxes to provide more revenue, or shifting more property tax revenue to the schools, which would create a hole in the city budget.

"I am supportive of giving them more money," said Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller. But asked about solutions, she said: "it's not to raise taxes, that's for sure."

Asked if she would consider a tax hike, Council President Anna Verna empathically said: "No!"

Councilman Darrell Clarke said he was still hoping to get more details on the state budget before committing to a course.

"I would like to get a sense of what the state could contribute," Clarke said. "Before we look at dipping into the pockets of the residents of Philadephia."