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Council reorganization

Council is undergoing major reorganization as incoming president Darrell Clarke prepares for the largest number of new members since 1992. Some members, like Bill Greenlee, have secured the offices of their dreams; others got whatever was left. Some insiders say that those who supported Clarke in his presidential bid got first dibs. It's Council tradition, they say.

Read the story here. Below are details that did not make it into the paper, like what offices other incoming members are getting and a bit about what other Council presidents have done.

In the past, presidents have varied in how they assigned new office space –some used it as political

"Every council president has their own personality and their own way of dealing with these issues," said retiring Councilman Frank DiCicco. "John [Street] was much more political about making those decisions. I don't believe [Anna Verna] ever used her position, at least when it came to office space as any wedge or leverage to get something that she thought was important in terms of legislation for herself, I don't believe she ever used it."

Clarke said he gave-up his spacious office with a bathroom to incoming freshman Bobby Henon, the political director for Local 98 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, who will replace Krajewski in the 6th district. Henon backed Clarke for Council president. Clarke, who described his office as one of the best, had a bathroom built in that office several years ago.

Clarke said he will move his 5th district office to a smaller space not far from the Council president's office on the fourth floor.

Both Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. and incoming member Mark Squilla backed Clarke in his presidential bid and they will also get offices with bathrooms.

Jones, Council's next majority leader, will expand his office to Verna's district office and Squilla will move into DiCicco's office. Squillia is also keeping four of DiCicco's staffers.

Other Clarke supporters including incoming 2nd district member Kenyatta Johnson will move into Greenlee's former office and Denny O'Brien will be going to retiring at-large Councilman Frank Rizzo's office. Those offices do not have bathrooms.