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Councilman nominates colleague to head schools?

City Council invited school officials back for another round of questions as members consider raising an extra $94 million for schools.

Among a series of questions regarding school safety, the closing of 40 schools and layoffs, Councilman Bill Green inquired about the school district's quest for a new superintendent.

"My colleague Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez sitting next to me has been one of the most engaged persons on schools since I've been here," Green said. "She actually founded and has run a charter school and is passionate about providing resources for the school district and is fighting for the children of this city every day. Have you guys considered her as the next Superintendent?" Green asked jokingly.

School Reform Commission Chairman Pedro Ramos responded, "You may nominate people on a confidential basis Councilman."

"I do so in public right now," Green said.

"It's a better recruit if she doesn't know," Ramos said.

Quinones-Sanchez chuckled at Green's remarks, but reportedly declined and Council continued to drill school officials about the proposed budget.