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Election Day Update from Committee of Seventy

Here it is:

This day has been as quiet as I can ever remember at Seventy.

We are continuing to get reports of improper electioneering at a number of polling places (to some degree attributable to campaigners trying to get in from the rain). Our volunteers are getting a lot of practice reminding campaigners not to get within 10 feet of the place where voting is taking place. Our volunteers are also resolving many minor issues at polling places, e.g., names not in the poll books (the voter can use a provisional ballot), speaking with the Judge of Elections in the 40th ward, 25 division to allow a voter to get help with voting (a voter can have any help he/she wants as long as it isn't from his/her employer, union officer or the Judge of Elections), and determining that earlier reports of machine buttons for Ivy Staten (Commissioner candidate) not working in the 66th ward, Division 46 were not true.

Here are some short updates:

• Fifth District:

 As I suggested in my earlier e-mail, the report of Michael Nutter not appearing on the ballot in the 8th Ward/15th division was "hard to believe, Harry." It makes you wonder what motivates people to call in inaccurate reports – which only cause us to divert volunteers from other spots where real problems may be happening.

• Seventh District:

 In Election Court, a Danny Savage supporter sought immediate removal of anonymous anti-Savage posters accusing Savage of supporting methadone clinics. The removal order was granted.

• Election Court:

 The fight between the "old guard" GOP and the "maverick" group continued in court today, with representatives for the "maverick" group supporting John Featherman arguing that the source on sample ballots supporting Karen Brown was not clearly identified. The judge denied the request to ban further distribution of the ballots.

• New turnout numbers as of 3 p.m.: (It's just a coincidence that the number of voters in 41/3 and 55/1 match the number of the ward.)

 Ward 2, Division 8 (First Councilmanic District): 77 voters/424 registered

 Ward 39, Division 6 (First): 35 voters/506 registered

 Ward 30, Division 8 (Second Councilmanic District): 113 voters/705 registered

 Ward 39, Division 20 (Second): 141 voters/666 registered

 Ward 41, Division 3 (Sixth Councilmanic District): 41 voters/ 479 registered

 Ward 55, Division 1 (Sixth): 55 voters/548 registered

 Ward 53, Division 1 (Seventh Councilmanic District): 24 voters/601 registered

 Ward 53, Division 17 (Seventh): 44 voters/ 548 registered

 Ward 9, Division 2 (Eighth Councilmanic District): 138 voters/657 registered

 Ward 21, Division 34 (Eighth): 134 voters/981 registered