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Judge Rules on city gun laws

A Common Pleas Judge has just ruled that the city can enforce three of the five recently passed local gun control laws, but blocked the two most aggressive measures — a one-gun-a-month provision and an assault weapons ban.

“We’re certainly pleased that some of them were upheld,” said City Solicitor Shelley Smith. “We knew that this was going to be an uphill battle from the very beginning.”

Judge Jane Cutler Greenspan ruled the city could enforce laws that make it a crime to not report a lost or stolen gun within 48 hours, allow police to confiscate guns with a judge's approval from people considered a danger to themselves or others and prohibit gun possession by people subject to protection-from-abuse orders.

But she made permanent an injunction against laws limiting handgun purchases to one a month and banning semiautomatic guns with clips that hold 10 or more rounds.

Smith stressed that the court battle was not over.

“It’s certainly my expectation that this is going to the state Supreme Court,” she said.