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Obama close to nomination

The Associated Press is reporting that Sen. Barack Obama has effectively won the number of

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to score the Democratic nomination for president. So it looks like the longest primary season ever is finally almost over.

Here's an interesting angle to the end of the primary. Check out this AP story about governors who endorsed Clinton -- like Governor Rendell -- who will now have to s

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after a nasty primary battle. The story also quotes Republicans saying that governors who vigorously supported Clinton could be haunted by their Obama comments.

The article notes that the PA GOP has already sent around a YouTube clip of Rendell, appearing on Bill Maher and saying that the election isn't about who is the most charismatic.

So here's what Rendell says to the AP on that line of attack.

"I don't mean to sound lacking in humility, but if they try to make something out of that, I'll kill them," Rendell said. "I'll turn it so they'll wish they never brought it up."