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Ousted committeewoman sues Philly Democratic Party

As we told you on Nov. 25 [third item in column], Tracey Gordon today sued the City Democratic Committee for ousting her last year from a post in the 40B Ward.  Gordon, who ran unsuccessfully this year in the Democratic primary election for the 2nd District City Council seat, is being supported in her lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Foundation of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Democratic Progressive Caucus.

From our Nov. 25 Clout column:

Gordon was part of a six-person group that sought committee posts in the 2010 primary election. The City Committee tried to knock them off the ballot. Five fell in legal challenges. Gordon survived and won her election.

Gordon said that she drew the ire of [40B Ward Leader Anne] Brown, who told her that she had not "asked for permission" to run.

At her first meeting, the ward committee members voted to remove Gordon from her post. Two police officers were there, ready to escort her out of the meeting.

Gordon said that she sought [Democratic chairman and U.S. Rep. Bob ] Brady's help but was met with silence.

Click here to read the news release on the lawsuit from the Philadelphia Democratic Progressive Caucus.