Philadelphia Magazine has taken an unusual step in the political prognostication for the next mayor -- they posted an ad yesterday -- election day -- on Craigslist seeking volunteers.  It said:

Large Eastern city with problems (but potential!) seeks bold, dynamic leader to run for mayor in 2015. Ideal candidate will have vision, independence, and the courage to take on entrenched interests. Large personal bank account helpful, but not required. Hacks, empty suits and defenders of the status quo need not apply. For more details, see's-mayor

The ad lists the compensation at $186,000 (not too shabby) and says the job is located at City Hall but tele-commuting is OK (for politicians who like to govern in their PJs.)  But remember, the city's Home Rule Charter says a candidate for mayor must have lived in Philadelphia for at least three years before the election and be at least 25 years old.

Good luck, job seekers!