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Protest outside Nutter's office

About 20 people in wheelchairs set up camp outside the Mayor's office this afternoon, demanding to talk with Mayor Nutter about the Philadelphia Nursing Home.

The protesters were from a national advocacy group called


, which helps people with disabilities live independently. They said the conditions in the

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were poor and they wanted a commitment from the city to downsize and eventually close the home.

The tense situation was quickly diffused because Nutter himself came to talk to the activists. While Nutter did not make any specific promises about the nursing home, he did say he would set up a meeting with ADAPT in the near future.

"We're prepared to work with you," Nutter said. "We'll be announcing some plans very shortly that you'll appreciate."

After talking with Nutter, the ADAPT members started to leave. Spokesman German Parodi said he was pleased with the outcome.

"The mayor did say he's going to meet with us," he said. "We want to work pro-actively with the city."