State Rep. Mike McGeehan, a Northeast Philly Democrat, will retire at the end of his 12th term in the 173rd District, he just told PhillyClout.

"Twenty four years is a long time," McGeehan, 53,  said of his time in office. "Nobody writes a playbook about how to handle this. For me, it's the right time."

McGeehan noted that the 2012 legislative redistricting left him with a redrawn district that was about 30 percent new to him.  He also noted that the district has been redrawn to look more like the area he first won in 1990.

"I think its time for new eyes," McGeehan said of his district. He plans to support the Democrat who wins the primary election to replace him but did not want to name a favored successor.

"I always thought it was point of political hubris to think we could pick our political successor," he said. "I certainly don't have anyone in mind."

McGeehan said he has plans for the "second half of my life" but declined to elaborate.