Still seeking to beef up its U.S. call-center workforce, Comcast Corp. will open a new customer call center in Colorado next month. It will be the fifth new center since Comcast announced in mid-2015 that it would add about 5,500 employees to improve its flagging customer service.

The 600-employee center will be located on a former Hewlett-Packard campus in Fort Collins. Comcast says it will seek to hire military veterans to staff it.

Operations there will begin in March and ramp up afterward. Comcast has said it would attempt to bring back to the United States call-center jobs it had offshored to the Philippines and other countries, but customers still report calls being routed overseas.

The other new Comcast call centers are in Tucson, Ariz.; Albuquerque, N.M; Spokane, Wash., and Charleston, S.C.

Comcast recently disclosed that customer-service expenditures declined 2 percent in the fourth quarter compared with the prior year's quarter, which could indicate attention diverted to other areas of the company.