Comcast Corp. has hired Dalila Wilson-Scott as the new head of the company's foundation that dispenses millions of dollars a year to charities and non-profits nationally.

The head of global philanathropy and president of the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Wilson-Scott will begin at Comcast in early April and report to Comcast's David Cohen and NBCUniversal's Adam Miller. She will hold the titles of senior vice president of community investment and president of Comcast Foundation.

In 2014 the Philadelphia cable and entertainment giant provided $478 million in cash and non-cash contributions to non-profits nationally. Of that the Comcast Foundation dispensed $17.4 million in cash in 2014, according to Comcast's latest Corporate Responsibility Report. Comcast says that Wilson-Scott will be responsible for coordinating the company's financial contributions from all sources. Comcast bought NBCUniversal in 2011 and philanthropic giving at the entertertainment conglomerate will be part of her responsibilities.

Wilson-Scott's team will comprise of about 30 employees at Comcast and NBCUniversal. She will be based on the 49th floor of the Comcast Center.

"Leveraging the unparalleled reach and innovation of the Comcast media and technology platform to help address pressing issues facing our communities is truly an exciting opportunity," Wilson-Scott said in a statement.

Charisse R. Lille, the former head of the Comcast Foundation, will continue as a foundation executive and assume a new role as fellow and vice president of community investment.

Wilson-Scott is the second recent big hire with connections to JPMorgan Chase. Comcast hired Mike Cavanagh, one of the nation's top banking executives while at JPMorgan, as its chief financial officer in 2015.

Steve Burke, head of NBCUniversal and a confidant of Comcast CEO Roberts, has sat on the JPMorgan board for years.