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‘Sleepy Hollow’ gets a big sendoff

Fox’s kooky hit gets a two-hour season finale

The bad news is that Sleepy Hollow's season ends next month. Pity. We have grown so fond of the refined time traveler played by Tom Mison. Fare thee well, Ichabod. We will miss thee dearly. The good news is that the series will get a special two-hour finale on Jan. 20.

Sleepy Hollow was always designed as a limited run series, scheduled to split the season with The Following, the Kevin Bacon thriller which gets a special late night return on Jan. 19, after the NFC Championship Game. (Keep your feathers crossed, Eagles fans.)

The Following will officially take over Sleepy Hollow's Monday night slot on Jan. 27.

Fret not. The apocalyptic Sleepy Hollow will rise again for a second season to start, sigh, next September. Maybe we should emulate Icky, and take a long dirt nap until then. Maybe after the Super Bowl.

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